Careers in Clinical Research

Find Your Element

Why Clinical Research?

A career in clinical research can help you “find your element”, improve lives, and make an impact for a better tomorrow.

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Diversity – We Need More Diverse Clinical Research Teams

Developing a more diverse clinical research workforce is critical to increasing clinical trial diversity. Today’s treatments must test all people – women, children, older adults, individuals with multiple chronic conditions, low-income individuals, and racially and ethnically diverse populations. Be a part of the solution!
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Rewarding – Clinical Research is a Rewarding Career Path

Clinical researchers have long, rich careers working with patients and clinicians around the world. They want to make a difference and impact the future. A job in clinical research allows you to blend your love of science and discovery with patient care to evaluate medical, surgical, and behavioral interventions.
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Huge – and Growing – Demand for Clinical Researchers

America’s patients and leading healthcare institutions need you! Universities, research organizations, the Veteran’s Administration, and National Institutes for Health are in demand for clinical research staff to help manage clinical trials that are more representative of diverse patient populations, helping new scientific discoveries reach the people who need them most.
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Impact – Clinical Research Makes a Difference

Without clinical trials, critical advances in medicine, diagnostics, and prevention would not be possible. Clinical research professionals’ work helps save lives and makes trials more inclusive to advance treatment options for all patients. The COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials will help save millions of lives.

Academic Programs

Although a career in clinical research does not require formal academic study in clinical research, many academic institutions now offer clinical research programs. Explore the programs below to learn more.


Internships can help you get your foot in the door and learn more about clinical research.